Chad: "Yo im into this girl"
Brad: "Oh shit. How old is she?"
Chad: "She's 16"
Brad: "Aren't you 20?"
Chad: "Yeah"
Brad: "Bro thats a case"
by ItsWix September 11, 2020
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Performing a motorcycle jump or stunt and landing hard enough to compress the bike's suspension to the point of hitting the frame or 'case' on the ground.
That spode landed that jump too short and cased it.
by mreverting September 08, 2007
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To examine or survey (a house, bank, etc.) in planning a crime (sometimes fol. by out)
They cased the joint and decided to pull the job on Sunday.
by Elendil July 31, 2007
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Someone with no evidence, proof reason,explanation, for his or her point of view, situation, topic or argument.
He had no case with convincing his mom to lend him money.
by Calm9 March 16, 2020
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In the West a case is 12 beers (bottles or cans). In Ontario and out East a case is 24 beers (bottle or cans).
Person 1: I got a case of beer, eh.
Person 2: What a bonus! When you said 'case' I forgot that you are from Halifax. Your East coast hospitality is appreciated.
Person 1: It's a hoppy ale, kind of bitter, I hope that's OK.
Person 2: Sounds good to me. The mere fact that it's not 'lite' beer assures me that you are worthy to drink with. People who drink 'lite' beer should be shot and pissed on.
Person 1: Fuckin' rights, eh. Bottom line is there's 24 of 'em.
by arsehat1972 February 14, 2007
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1. Verb-To check out in advance. Ususally used in reference to a place you plan to burglarize or commit an act of mischief at.

2. Noun-24 pack of beer.
"Lets go case the house first so we know the easiest and quietest way to break in."

"Can you pick up a case on the way here?"
by Edgar Friendly October 12, 2004
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Dude 1: Yo, I want to have a sixteen-way, but I can't afford it
Dude 2: Don't worry bruh, I'll get you a case of bitches for your birthday next week.
Dude 1: How the shit did you know my birthday was next week?!
by TooInchesTwoMuch December 11, 2014
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