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Mom: Lol.
by OofBanana November 4, 2020
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The name Aiden reminds me of a huge boohonkey hole, only because my older brothers name is Aiden. He's annoying, idiotic, dumb, educated with x-box, and negative 24/7. I'm just saying he's one weird dude, but weird in a good way. Aiden is a kind of guy who will always make his little sibling get in trouble even though they didn't do anything. All he does is play x-box, yells at his friends on x-box, and eats all the time. To sum it up, Aiden's are very very lazy. They used to be quite active, but they slowly get lazier day by day. Aiden's are pretty social, which is quite shocking. However, Aiden's are one to love. Don't be like an Aiden though.. You'll regret it.
Me: Hey big brother Aiden!
Aiden: What.

Me: I love you.

Aiden: Oof.
by OofBanana July 5, 2019
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A synonym for butt, but it's a more polite word to use if you're mad. You know when your parents tell you you're getting a spanking on your butt? That's the right time to tell them that the word butt isn't very nice. You may get in bigger trouble, but it was worth it. You learn something every day.
You little kid better sit your boohonkey down before I slap it to China.
by OofBanana October 25, 2018
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A very complex tool used to scare away the creepy creatures of the dark. You push down on a beautiful black circle to activate your weapon. Once you press the button, a light will come on, scaring all the creepy creatures away!
My brother was lurking in my room. I got scared, so I turned on my flashlight to scare him away.
by OofBanana October 29, 2018
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A fictional show that's been around for awhile. The show is basically about a teacher with hair at least 10 feet and students that practically live on a magical school bus. What I mean is that the kids and the teacher Mrs.Frizzle only stay in the classroom for like 30 seconds and then they leave on the bus. They usually go in people, plants, etc. It's kinda like my bus with their conversations.
by OofBanana January 4, 2019
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There are many definitions for this.

1. The opposite of down.
2. The sky
3. The clouds
4. The sun

5. Space

If you want to be boring, you can just say:

1. Good
2. Bad
3. Okay
Me: Hi

Mom: What's up?

Me: The opposite of down.
by OofBanana March 19, 2019
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