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Vince Carter's unbelievable dunk in the 2000 Olympics where he jumped over the head of 7'2" Frenchman Frederic Weis and slammed it home.
I will always remember the dunk back in '00.
by Ben Gleicher July 02, 2006
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Before Vince Carter, there was John Starks, who performed "The Dunk" as a member of the New York Knicks, when Starks spectacularly dunked over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan during a playoff game against the Bulls.
John Starks will always be remembered for The Dunk.
by DirkD January 20, 2007
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the act of having one girl give you a handjob while anohter gives you a rimjob, because a dunk is a hand to the rim
"i met these two skanks at this frat last night. they were so freaky they gave me the dunk."
by green-seventeen October 29, 2006
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The explosive diarrhea you get after drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee.

America Gets the Runs on Dunkin'
Boss: Are you coming to the morning meeting?

Steve: Nah man, I've got the dunks again. No more dunkin donuts coffee for me.
by CropDust March 12, 2018
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