someone known to be very sorry due to the fact of being slow at getting things, very corny, brainless, straight wierd and most of all lacks sense of humor!!!
Dude Remar your the douche forever for a life time and a day!
by Green Luigi August 17, 2006
Phrase mentioned from one man to another when asking an opinion about a person, place, or thing.

This phrase was made popular in southern Florida by radio show host Dan LeBatard. He commonly uses this investigative technique when interviewing celebrity guests to get their opinion about popular topics in sports and current events.
Man #1: Sandals with jeans, douche or no douche?
Man #2: Douche.
by GatorBill November 27, 2010
someone who is more than a jerk, tends to think he's top notch, does stuff that is pretty brainless, thinks he is so much better than he really is, and is normally pretty good at ticking people off in an immature way.
"Wow he's such a Douche"
"That was a Douche move"
by solvingworldproblemsoneatatime October 21, 2013
The second stage of being a dick between asshole and jerk
by Whackjack June 6, 2010
1: A feminine hygiene product presented as being great for women when in truth they're worthless bottles of scented water that often lead to vaginal infections.

2: like the product, a guy who acts like he is a great catch for women when in truth they're useless, overdressed, scented bags of worthlessness that often lead to vaginal infections.

The 10 behaviors of a douche:
Look at how rich I am.

Look at how well dressed I am.

Look at how handsome I am.

Look at my awesome body.

I'm so much better than everyone else.

I'm a deeper thinker than others.

I'm such a deep feeler in my big heart.

All women want me.

Any girl would be fortunate to have me.

And I'm such a modest person.
Demitrie left a ten minute message on my voicemail telling me about how wonderful he is and how fortunate I am to have met him because all the girls want him; he's such a douche!
by American English Teacher June 9, 2021
The doucheness you display after 5 beers precludes us from hanging with you.
by WMS August 13, 2006
Using water to clean out one's rectum prior to anal sex.
Douching has turned ny ass from a Donald Trump sandwich to a Dolly Parton sandwich.
by WhoDatFreshBoi January 22, 2019