Slang term for an late 19th century toilet fixture. During WWI soldiers oftern visited these toilets and called them crappers. The name originated from a popular seller of toilets. Thomas Crapper of England.
Thomas Crapper invented the modern toilet which is still in use today with few changes.

God damn i got to take a crap.
by Phillip July 28, 2005
Named after the inventor of the modern toilet, Thomas Crapper of England
by lenny February 26, 2005
Latin crappus - to study, or to drop

a. Place or room in which one or many written text (i.e. Jugs, Playboy, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Autoweek, etc.) are tediously studied by men

b. Place or room where sturdy brown logs are dropped in a porcelain container

c. A bad turn; something that has taken a turn for the worse
a. Alright! I think I'm going to read this in the crapper

b. Damn! I gotta drop a log! I'm going to the crapper.

c. Wow! This place has gone to the crapper!
by Webster June 10, 2004
Another name for the toilet, named after Mr. Crapper, it's inventor. This is from which the word 'crap' and 'to take a crap' came from.
<Traggle> I need to use Mr. Crapper's crapper to take a crap. You dig?
<Jurtul> Hello breakfast!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 13, 2003
an amature hiphop rapper who so untalented. "His rap stank like crap!'
a very bad, inexperienced hiphop rapper with little or talent.
by boris lugosi October 1, 2004
Advanced martial arts technique in which the assailant strikes the victim in the abdomen with enough force to cause the victim to lose control of his or her bowels.
Some douche at the bar was hitting on John's girlfriend, so John gave him a crapper.
by Diabeticus January 4, 2011