42 definitions by Phillip

a short faggot who thinks hes a badass
That kid is acting like a mistretta.
by Phillip August 10, 2003
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The Greatest football team on earth. Draws derison from lesser teams because of sucess. Sadly a number of fans are glory hunters. Thankfully there is still a large number of true supporters and each one hates the glory hunters. The richest football club without unlimited millions from some tax evading Russian. Fans have seen the club through difficult times on many occasians and have been rewarded spectaculary. Malcolm Glazer threatens the existence of the football club, hoping to heap great debt upon the club and force the players to play in an empty stadium because everyone hates him so much. So rich that almost £30 million was wasted on the waste of talent that was Juan sebastian Veron.
by Phillip February 10, 2005
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super duperrrrrrrrrr hot and very nice and talkative and if only she was a lesbian, then it'd be complete.
I wet my pants as Kasie Lynch walked past me; then I also crapped my pants.
by Phillip January 10, 2005
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one who seriously rocks out on the skin flute. i.e. bryce s.
bryce is the biggest pirate smoker i have ever seen. seriously.
by Phillip December 4, 2003
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one known to smoke the sausage on a regular basis. (see bryce s.)
bryce s. is certified as a professional pirate smoker
by Phillip December 4, 2003
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One who requisitions funds from pleasing other men in a method also known as wailing on the skin flute. Also Phillip's middle names
Phillip is a professional pirate smoker with a capital P
by Phillip December 4, 2003
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