The ugly ass girl of the bunch that thinks she has a chance and will stalk, until she is either diffused or explodes.
That plasma grenade was following my boy around all night, tryin to mack. We knew she had to be diffused before she blew up.
by war_wonton November 15, 2010
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In Halo, blue grenades that stick to almost any surface and explode in a cool way.
Pro: don't forget, THE BLUE ONES STICK.
Newbie: *accidentally sticks on to back of Pro's head* they what?! oh sh*t!
*Pro has been killed by ally Newbie*
*Newbie has killed self*
Blue team: -2
Red team: 0
by Cpt.Bob October 6, 2003
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n. The lesser of the two grenades in the game series "Halo". Newbs like to assume that because these grenades 'stick' to enemies that they are better grenades than fragmentation grenades, but any expierenced player can easily avoid them. They lack the 'grenade bounce' effect of frag grenades and therefore are less aesthetic in their usage. The most effective implementation of the plasma grenade is to through a 'hidden' one behind a corner that an enemy will soon approach so they do not see it. This will most likely kill the enemy given that most players seem to hug walls when turning corners and anyone within a 3 foot radius of the plasma grenade will automatically be killed.
Newb: *throughs plasma grenade at sniper*
Pro: *unscoping every two secounds alows him to see approaching grenade* "Haha, fuking newb"
Newb: "Oh, Shit!" *sniped in teh face*
Pro: *notices approaching enemy, tosses plasma behind corner, proceeds to snipe*
Newb: *"Haha, I'll assasinate 'im"* "WTF IS THAT" *killed by Pro by correct usage of plasma grenade*
by Weapon X Ultimate February 7, 2006
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An entertaining weapon in the video game "Halo". Can create hours of fun or piss the hell out of your friends. Have a tendency to stick to things and then blow the absolute living shit out of them.
Master chief:*chuck plasma grenade on grunt*
Grunt: "Not again!!!!!!!"
by el scorcho October 31, 2004
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highly entertaining grenade weapon from the game HALO which sticks to other players and vehicles, best used in combination with active camo to sneak up on people and stick the grenade to their face (esp snipers) and run off laughing (usually shouting "bye bye" as you do)
"what's that blue thing on my hea- awww son of a..." *explodes*
by Shadow Sword March 22, 2004
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The frailest weapon in the XBox game Halo 2. All it takes is to back away from an opponent and press one button in order to kill them. Only frail n00bs use them because they lack all other skill to do anything else in the game.
Wow Kees you suck so bad at this game, your left index finger is probably sore from throwing so many plasma grenades you big old puss, your not even good.
by Morerawthankees September 26, 2006
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a grenade that sticks to any surface and usually explodes with plasma energy instead of fragmentation from a regular grenade hence its name. No this type of thrown weapon is not only in Halo nor was it "invented" from Halo. Many sci-fi shooters have this type of grenade.
p.s. can be referred to as plas for short.
Joe: Hey dude, you choosing frag or plas?
Bill: Eh, I'm a have to go with the plasma grenade.
Joe: Why? Because it started in Halo? I know how much you like that game.
Bill: No, I prefer to use it because I'm more accurate at getting my targets with it than a bouncing fragment grenade. Also it did not originate in Halo, it is has been around also in science fiction movies.
Joe: Okay, I was wrong let's just play the game.
Bill: Cool then, lets.
by anonimbus August 26, 2012
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