This is the name of a sexual position which is both very stimulating for both the male and female. You enter from behind as you would in "doggy style" but then, the female lies on her belly with her legs together. You lie on top and continue to thrust as normal.

It is named the accidental because you know whoever invented it did so because himself and the female fell over doing doggy.
"Lets do doggy"
(both fall over)
"ooooooooh, awesome!!!"

(doin doggy)
"the accidental???"
"hells yeah!!!"
"boom boom!"
by GazNVixDicto May 1, 2010
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transitive verb, past tense: To break beyond repair, or lose completely, or do something catastrophic or highly objectionable or problematic to. Ostensibly by accident but most often used ironically for a purposeful act.
I accidentally the whole thread.

I accidentally the whole website.

I accidentally your mom.

I accidentally inside her.
by the jerky June 30, 2010
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adverb: by mistake, unintentional

verb: the whole thing
person1: I accidentally the whole bottle.
person 2: What?
Person1: You know when you and then the bottle gets stuck?
Person1: oh wow, that sucks man.
by Kaplowawow December 8, 2008
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When someone makes a mistake. same as accident, but this word makes whatever you did sound a little less important.
"james i told you the party was at seven!"
-"oops, accidente!"
by Danyelle Salinas November 3, 2007
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To make mistakes in a sentence such that the sentence is impossible to comprehend. Usually when a verb, adjective, noun or pronoun is misplaced or missing. Failing to put a period can lead to an accidentally (components of one sentence can be confused to be in another. Thus misplaced components).

Usually used by the person responding to the sentence as a form of irony (since accidentally is an adjective, so using it as a verb would mean it is misplaced).

Using an accidentally is an accidentally.
Example 1: Missing pronoun

Person 1: I cant believe not coming.

Person 2: What? I think you accidentally your post.

Example 2: Missing period {2 options}

Person 1: She was running {period} until 5pm {period} I was watching TV

Person 2: What? I think you are missing a period. You accidentally there.
by Die Nacht December 4, 2010
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The awkward and extraordinarily painful experience of accidentally having anal sex because there's too much "spring" during normal sex.
I've never had anal sex, except for that one accidental.
by CornSalad June 25, 2011
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As close to intentional as possible, without actually meaning to do it.
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington, a 78-year-old Texas attorney, while participating in a quail hunt on a ranch in Kenedy County, Texas. Both Cheney and Whittington call the incident accidentional.
by Qaiser Soze November 10, 2011
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