Swedish people are gay and unlikeable they are bad at computer games and suck at every sport they are the worst people on this Earth
Dane: Hey faggot stop touching me.
Swedish guy: Im swedish and bad at everything.
by ReallyCoolMagnus November 15, 2018
When you're titty fucking your hoe at your local Swedish big box furniture outlet in the 700 square foot apartment and squirt your man pulp on her mouth and she puts up a sour face. Then she loves you like she's got Stockholm syndrome.
I was shopping at my local Swedish big box furniture outlet with Georgette and we saw a bed and she asked me to give her a Swedish grapefruit.
by Mdogshizzle69 October 28, 2018
The Swedes' uncanny ability to turn every conversation into "Our socialist way of life is better than yours because..."
Joe: "I have a toothache."

Magnus, seizing the opportunity to spread some Swedish smugness: "In Sweden, we get free preventative dentist coverage so we never get toothaches. That's why we pay 70% in taxes."
by JeezIsThisNameTaken June 6, 2014
A euphemism for The Pirate Bay, a famous BitTorrent tracker site commonly used to download movies.
bro: dude, where did you get your movies from now that blockbuster shut down?
dude: bro, i get my shit from swedish netflix.
bro: ???
by dolphinsballoon724 February 8, 2012
Farting under the blanket then wafting the wind of doom into face of bed mate.
Dude I totes gave Meegan a Swedish breeze of epic proportions last night. Smelled like shrimp chili and fear.
by SLyMcGillicudy May 25, 2015
1. Tasty ground beef shaped into spheres to enjoy for consumption.

2. The act of a man tea bagging a woman in the mouth so she can taste his scrotum.

3. The Swedes make some damn good meat.
"Do you like our Swedish Meatballs or did you prefer the Italian sausage?"

Man: "Would you like me to give you my Swedish Meatballs?"

Woman: "Um, hell no."
by awbatman500 June 15, 2014
The act of releasing gas as you are getting a massage.
I was so relaxed during my session that I had a Swedish Puffer. needless to say the therapist was none too pleased.
by CT Jared December 1, 2010