1) A musician who makes audio files using a tracker
2) A program used to make audio songs in the .mod format
Leevy: hey r u a tracker?
j00bah: ya trackers rule!
by Rynn October 4, 2003
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The server which hosts the name to other servers on KDX
hey check out that tracker, you'll find tonsa shit
by pyrex March 10, 2004
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one who is of strange looks and hygine, normally found hanging round nova sr's and behind counters in varios mcdonald
look at that tracker!! would you like fries with that?
by coopste July 30, 2004
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The feeling of exhaustion engendered by the preparation of an extensive tracker report.
Preparing this tracker for Vodafone has left me totally trackered.
by Analeest April 27, 2011
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An Australian colloquialism for track pants.
A synonym of Trackies, sweatpants and/or joggers.
Man, I fucking love my new comme des garçons trackers . They’re so comfy!
by TJENKS March 1, 2018
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A particularly useless person whose attempts to contribute in a group effort often hinders or doesn't contribute to the success of the group; ball-trackers fake work to get credit or to avoid of the consequences of doing nothing; originated as a pinball term when there are three people who all want to participate (one right flipper, one left, one ball-tracker who follows the ball with his finger)
"I'll be right flipper, James you're left, and Jacob, if you really wanna play you can be ball-tracker."
by gypsy disc December 14, 2015
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