That dude i so swedish!

"Points at a gay person"
by PepeisDatBoi May 20, 2018
You know Steph is SWEDish... she buys by the pound.
by Zenjerman April 20, 2015
A person who lives in Sweden.
Is proud of his/her country because of all the wars it had hundreds of years ago and doesnt like the fact it has been neutral after that.
Thinks he is tough, though people in neighbor countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark) thinks he is a queer due to his language, attitude and physique.
Only one in the world thinking he is the one living in cold country and drinking booze better than anyone else. (everyone else connects this as an explanation of a finn).
-Where you from?
-Im swedish!
by apeema August 4, 2006

1. The people of Sweden (a.k.a Gay World)

2. a Gay language, the language spoken by gay people, closely related to Faggish, and Norwegian.

3. The definition of one's sexuality.

Abbreviation: G A Y
I just found out that my friend is Swedish!
by pussy_fart June 22, 2018
1. Another word for queer, unless describing a woman. The woman of sweden are fine.
2. Wannabe Danish people
Person 1: Yo i heard he's swedish
Person 2: Poor guy
by SultanDenmark April 5, 2005
(n.) Person living in the country of Sweden, often characterized by their inferior intelligence.

(adj.) Stupid, lame
-Whats wrong with that guy?
-He's Swedish.
(notice the two possible meanings: Either he really is Swedish or he's just a really stupid person)
by Kevlar March 28, 2005