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If your name is georgette you are amazing, fantastic, beautiful, cute, you get all the guys, your perfect, you sometimes swear, your really athletic , your really smart, you get in to things without trying, sometimes you get nervous, your really cute and your really pretty.
Omg she perfect
Duh cause she's Georgette
by Kidwholovesyou6 September 17, 2017
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A girl who is a very attractive brunette, and has amazing eyes. She will always laugh at your jokes and will make some of her own. Very smart and witty, also athletic. She has everything.
JAMES: Did you see that girl?
KEVIN: Yeah, she's such a Georgette.
by Peanut-butter-Sandwich March 21, 2018
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a beautiful brunette woman who is highly intelligent and can out smart any man. she is often mistaken as being spoiled, but the truth is she is just well taken care of. she loves animals and has at least 3 pets.
my friend is such a Georgette.
by >cat< February 3, 2010
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The best person ever. Never fails o care for the people in her life even if they arent close. Has a sassy side haha but is super sweet. Overall the prettiest person ever and very spiritual. I love georgettes!!!!!
wow i love georgette
same shes so nice fun amazing pretty beautiful
by hottwheelss July 23, 2020
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Georgette is an amazing person with brown hair. Everyone bows that she is a gorgeous person in looks and personality.she loves sport and she is very smart and sweet person. Is a county girl who lives her horses and animals.if your name is georgette you are a princess
My name is georgette Victoria emmerton and my nickname is G
by Georgette emmerton March 23, 2018
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She is a beautiful girl, she is fun and may need a therapist always. She is one of the best people ever. Has humour but it can be dark someone. She is really into things like witches and tarot cards. She inspired people everyday.
I need a Georgette in my life
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A fun, charming, extroverted girl who sometimes speaks before thinking.
You pulled a georgette in the car with my parents.. good thing they like you.
by pinkgi February 3, 2010
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