The act where a male individual throws himself on his back, preferably on a lovely, lush, green meadow, and start to blow himself.
Look at Johnny. He has gone swedish snorkling.
by wickedwoollywilly May 25, 2020
When a gentleman and partner consensually engage in this worldly act begining with anal sex until ejaculation. Then upon completion the cock is pulled out and the balls and scrotum are inserted into the freshly jizzed in ass. Next, the hot freshly shit-cum glazed sack is removed from the ass and the gravy coated or 'Swedish' meatballs are presented for the partner to feast upon.
Dude, I can’t believe you gave your girl a Noble Swedish on the Matterhorn-It IS the happiest place on Earth!
by Probert September 17, 2007
A Swedish jacuzzi is when a middle aged Swedish man will jizz all over a wagu steak and feed it to his step kids
Dad: Hey kids I’m home!

Step daughters: bring any steak?
Dad: yes I made it in the Swedish jacuzzi
by Yanguskhan69 September 30, 2020
A line of men jerking off the person behind them while yelling, "stroke, stroke, stroke". Colloquial term for a circle jerk but there is one asshole leading the March.
Sorry to interrupt guys, I didn't know the party had turned into a Swedish rowboat.
by The Vanillist March 3, 2015
A practice of not wearing socks with shoes. Attributed to Swedish squash players of the 1970's.
My shoes smell so bad since since I started going swedish.
by mosestheblack May 16, 2010
Another expression for a porn film. Mainly used in the Balkan countries, since it was falsely believed that the Scandinavians invented the porn film industry first.
Guy 1: Bro, Emma Stone is so HOT!
Guy 2: I know dude, I would totally like to shoot a Swedish actionfilm with her.
by drunken tiger - hit'em dragons December 28, 2015