14 definitions by Marcus Intalex

What Tom Green puts his bum on.
"My bum is on the Sweeeeeeeeeeedish."
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003
Generic positive adjective. Synonymous with "cool" or "rad." It is generally accepted that the word was invented by Seattle-area Jungle DJ "Notorious Abe," while he was playing Tony Hawk. Common usage of the slang is limited primarily to the South Puget Sound Area, where Abe's cru and friends picked up on the word and brought it into common use.
"This video game is the bommalusch."

"No you got it all wrong, I am the supreme bommalusch."

"That's a bommalusch shirt you've got on, Olivia."

"Matrix Reloaded is the most Bommalusch movie EVER!"
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003
Short for the Alaskan Way Viaduct, the double-deck freeway that lines Seattle's waterfront. The Viaduct is slowly crumbling into a million pieces due to earthquake damage, and will most likely be replaced in the next few years.
"The best view in Seattle is from the top of the Viaduct."
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003
The street in Portland, Oregon where most of the hookers and prostitutes congregate.
Dude, let's go to Burnside and pick up some hos.
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003
"She was fine, until she got zapped with the sounds of the Low Frequency Bootilator."
by Marcus Intalex May 19, 2003
Mid-to-late 90s' spelling and pronunciation of Notorious Abe's name. This particular spelling and pronounciation went out of style when the real biggie was shot and died.
"Hahaha, I challenge the Notorious A.B.E. to a freestyle battle."
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003
"Dude, I wish I could spin records as good as Notorious Abe."

"Woah, I wish I had the same taste in women as Notorious Abe."

"Man, wouldn't it be awesome if my car was as cool as Notorious Abe's?"

"Notorious Abe is way cooler than I am."
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003