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Blonde hair and blue eyed people from northern european countries, decendants from the vikings and usually the biggest strongest men on the planet. Watch worlds strongest man if you don't believe me. Nordic women are usually found more attractive by most caucasion males, although they seem to be targeted by black males who want coffee coloured babies, kind of a trophy thing. The blue eyed blonde hair is set for extiction by the year 2200 sad but true.
"OMG look at the size of those nordic blonde dudes, they are like 6,8" amd weigh at least 400 lbs"
by Tango169 August 13, 2006
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1. To roast a large piece of meat skewered with a spit, usually a whole pig, over an open flame. The spit enables you to turn the meat around to help cook it evenley.

2. A sexual position in which a person is taken in the vagina or anus from one end and in the mouth from the other end by two other conscenting adults.
1. "Yes my friend look at that roast pork on the spit its looking nice and crisp and smell so good!" "Dude im jewish that shit is sinful!"

2. "OMG that biatch is a slut she got spit roasted my mates Edwardo and Barnaby" "ye dude next she will be letting us all take turns, i bet she loves bukkake!"
by Tango169 August 14, 2006
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A Person who believes that people of other back grounds and ethnicities are inherently inferior to their own and express their opinion through freedom of speech.
Racism can occur in any backgound and contrary to small minded belief racists are not all white, this belief is in fact racist in itself.
White Racist "Hey i was at a party the other night and couldn't believe how many jungle bunnies were there. They should go back to Africa the spear chuckas"

Black Racist "Hey i was pulled over by the police the other night by this stupid cracka ass racist honky five o! He said it was just routine but its cos i is black!"
by Tango169 August 16, 2006
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A person from North Africa, usually very slim and small stature. In Kenya people have a problem with AIDS and Kenyan prostitutes carry AIDS like rats carry the black death (i saw this shit on a documentory for real).
"OMFG i just slept with that kenyan prostitute for half a banana and now my dick has fallen off."
by Tango169 August 13, 2006
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A) womens genitalia
B) An Inept person
C) To Punch or kick someone hard
A) I stuck my fat cock in her tight 'twat'
B) Look at that dodgy bastard, he looks a right 'twat'
C) If you dont back off i'll 'twat' you
by Tango169 October 28, 2007
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An extremely large northern european fighting machine, wielding Axe or Sword and at least twice the size of people from other cultures of that era! Vikings were just as much explorers as they were warriors and in fact it was they who discovered America first!

'Northmen' belived to get into Valhalla they must die in glorious battle and would gladly go to war to die!

In Roman times most of the succesful Gladiators were probably from viking and northern bloodlines. !
Arab Trader - Wow who are these beatiful blonde people with big weapons,they are giants better not give them a shit deal abdul!

Viking - Fook deal! We will take it all and your women too! Kill them all!!! and burn the city to the ground!
by Tango169 October 28, 2007
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A person from Sweden. They have blonde hair blue eyes and are huge! Even the women are like 6" plus, and are usually hot! The men seem to have alot of upper body strength, this is to stop the foriegn men from having at there women.
African American "hey sexy blonde girl arent you tall and attractive, i bet your swedish, you get me!"

Swedish Girl "Jah i'm Swedish, you wanna buy me a drink!?"

Swedish Guy "Not going to happen! walk away puny man! before i must break you!"

by Tango169 August 14, 2006
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