see also the Force. An undefinable power that permeates all things, living and inanimate. This power allows those who are keenly attuned to it enjoy clarity of thought and reach a level of understanding of the universe beyond empirical observation.
"May the Roast be with you, always."
by Omni November 11, 2003
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To tell someone off with a bad ass comeback.

Boy: "kill yourself"

Girl: "if I wanted to kill myself I'd climb your Ego and jump to your IQ"
by Nikki Fazbear November 20, 2016
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To be utterly dissed and owned like the little bitch you are.
He didn't get pwned...he got ROASTED!!!
by kokenjr January 17, 2005
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To humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback.

Noun form: the aforementioned joke, diss or comeback.

See also sizzle
"When Gonzo got drunk, he made fun of John's ugly-ass suit--it was a delicious roast."
by Creff von Crinklepants December 07, 2005
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get burned or told by(made fun of) a group of people
look at Ben's shoes" "he is about to get roasted bro"
by pauly d o ya February 08, 2011
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In internet culture, being 'roasted' is when another member makes a witty comment or comeback upon oneself which is cause for all the preteens behind the screen to scream "OOOOOOOHHHHHH", postpubescents to nod in amusement and oneself to cringe in utter defeat.

See owned
by Dat1guy69 November 19, 2015
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a roast is when you say a perfectly timed comeback that leaves your opponent speechless.
"bro, yo teeth as jacked up as Donald Trumps hairline."

by takemyadvicebtch July 12, 2016
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