When it comes to pornography the term 'Gonzo' refers to a style of film making pioneered in the 1990s by directors such as Seymore Butts and Ben Dover.
Gonzo porn took the storyline out of adult movies and headed straight for the sex. No longer would the pornoholic have to fast forward through 10 minutes of inept dialog to get 5 minutes of sex. They got sex throughout the whole video.
Gonzo porn was not always shot in the first person or in point-of-view fashion as some have suggested here and the quality of the movie depended largely on who was producing it.
Half the adult videos you can rent fall into the Gonzo genre.
by pornoholic August 16, 2005
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The act of placing one's testicles over the top of one's penis, so it resembles the Muppet's character, Gonzo.
Scotty gave me the bat wing, so I gave him the ol' Gonzo!
by GoNzO J13 April 3, 2011
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Blue, large-nosed (beaked?) muppet. Also a nickname for Luis Gonzalez of the Diamondbacks.
Gonzo was in Muppet Treasure Island, the only muppet movie that I ever saw.
by Diggity Monkeez May 21, 2005
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Pronunciation: gon-zoh

1. Bizarre (adjective)

2. Freewheeling or unconventional, especially to the point of outrageousness (adjective)

3. Idiosyncraqtically subject by engage <gonzo journalism> (adjective)

4. A blue weird from outer space, generally silly in nature (noun)

5. A playful nickname that is given to anyone with the last name Gonzalez (noun)
That was some real Gonzo shit.

Hey Gonzo, come over here.
by seg1984 September 25, 2010
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Name of a man who loves his thick bitches. He loves them to the point that he has a home for thick bitches for all of them. Gonzo has been locked up for stupid shit and continues to be a straight hustla. #FreeGonzo
Wow Gonzo, you got all the bitches and all the swag!
by TheRealGonzo69 January 9, 2014
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Though commonly associate with a distinct style of porn, the term "gonzo" can also refer to type of penis that looks very similar to Gonzo the Muppet's nose. They can also take the shape of some kitchen faucets. Sources of a gonzo penis can include, breaking your boner, jerking off negligently, or being born unlucky.

Males having a gonzo commonly must have sex by closing immitating the mating patterns of a gorilla - known as gorillas style.
Dude, I didn't mean to stare, but you have a total gonzo dong... did you break that thing? It kinda looks like Owen Wilson's nose.
by dawkinsb March 15, 2008
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Being somewhere when someone there gets amazingly wasted and passes out and you place your Testicles over the victims eyes and your Penis over there nose and they look like gonzo.
Dude i Gave this wasted Bitch a Gonzo last night.
by Cuban Pete August 10, 2004
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