Boston College's modular apartments. The central party area on campus - popular activities include 24/7 parties, table dancing, tailgating before games, and general insanity. Rumors go around every year that they'll be torn down, but they never are.
"Yo, man, let's go down to the Mods to drink free shit beer and make bad life decisions."

"The Mods were rocking last night! I could hear music all the way from Lower!"
by David 51 March 02, 2008
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gerund or present participle: modifying
make partial or minor changes to (something), typically so as to improve it or to make it less extreme.

A) modern
B)young person characterized by (a) stylish dress | riding bikes / motor(ed) scooters and liking (soul) music

Usually invideo games can be applied for an "cheating" advantage and or for the soul enjoyment of one game this is usually done and PC but is able to be done on specific console(s)
> Modding

John: "I am modding Minecarft "
Alex: "wow cool, can I mod with you?"

Lauren: "Why do you have to mod this great game? you just ruin it for others."
Ryan: Because it's fun for me"
by FreeParadox February 15, 2018
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British gangs from the early 60's and 70's who's rival were the Rockers (Teddy Boys). The Mods (short for Modernists) were notorious for pill-popping (blues, bennies, uppers, downers, ecstasy, amphetamines, barbs, booze, goofballs, etc., riding really fast on their Lambrettas/Vespas Italian high-performance scooters, clubbing, orgies, well-dressed/chic, mod hairstyles, listening to jazz/funk/sixties R&B/The Who/The Kinks/The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/etc., partying non-stop (the original ravers), and anti-establishment/anarchy against the moors of The Establishment.

check out "Quadrophenia
by The Who, and see the film NOW. it will change your perspective about teen angst.
We are the Mods, we are the Mods, we are we are we are the Mods!!!
by 'Spider' John Shin May 23, 2005
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A modification, used in reference to video games. A variation of a game's engine and graphics to create a new game.
Valve relies heavily on modding, with Counter-strike, Day of Defeat, and Garry's Mod all being mods of Half-life.
by Colder October 09, 2011
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Modding, in the videogame world, is adding, altering, or purging content on a videogame, especially on the pc. Mods can be quests, items, houses for the player, towns, shops, factions, or altering technical stuff(scripts, textures, meshes). There are also total conversion mods, which are mods to an insane degree

A notable moddable game is Oblivion, but beware, buying this game means you will sell your soul(assuming gamers have souls)
Modding...destroying the lives of unsuspecting gamers ever day
by gaming 117 March 13, 2008
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