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The ability in RTS games to constantly produce units, keep a strong economy going, and build up a base. The opposite of micro, which involves controlling individual units.

In other words, keeping your money down (always spending it on units), your income up (by building workers to collect resources), and your army larger than your opponent's.
Zerg (from Starcraft) is a macro-intensive race, because of its ability to build units and expand easily.
by Colder September 19, 2011
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A common misspelling of merc, which means to beat up or kill someone. Used mainly in hip-hop and gang culture. Derived from mercenary, a soldier for hire.
Crip1: That nigga's a blood, imma murk his ass.

Crip2: It's spelled merc, not murk.
by Colder August 6, 2011
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A catchphrase made famous by the Dr. Phil m&m, typically spoken in a fake Italian accent. Very therapeutic as it can be used to describe any situation.
Man, my girl ghosted me and told me she needed some time to herself, turns out she been cheating on me all along

“Damn, it really do be like that sometimes
by Colder October 2, 2018
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A pointless, semi-retarded argument fought between fanboys of consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Ten years ago, it was between the Gamecube, PS1, and the first Xbox. Twenty years ago it was between the SNES and Genesis.
Come on people, why can't you realize that actual computers are superior to consoles in every way?
When the majority of people become intelligent enough to realize a PC is better than any console, the console wars will end.
by Colder November 1, 2011
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How rednecks (like George W. Bush) pronounce "America".
by Colder September 11, 2011
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An awesome program made by Valve that lets you buy and download games directly to your computer. It also has a community system with a friend network, so you can play with other people online.

Often criticized by retards on the internet who think its slow and crashes too often. Blame your computer, folks, not Steam.
Steam has never crashed on me before, and its rarely slow. I haven't the slightest idea why people hate it.
by Colder November 16, 2011
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The colloquial usage of non-standard words, commonly used by "ghetto" and "hip" individuals. Slang is notorious for degrading the quality of a language, but yet also evolves it. In fact, most of the words you and I use were probably not in the first dictionary.

However, slang does not mean to sell drugs. Many think that in Dem Franchize Boyz song "White Tee", they reference drug trafficking using the word "slang" (I bang in my white tee, I slang in my white tee). Rather, slang (verb) mean to front someone by using slang words to insult them, and "bang" referring to gangbanging.
Modern language would be horrendously incomplete without slang.

Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Romanian are all slang versions of Latin.
by Colder October 11, 2011
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