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A series of protests of concerned U.S. citizens, mostly held in New York City, to end the corporate greed and political corruption that has been degrading democracy in this country for years.
Criticized by the largely corporate-controlled media (Fox News especially), but is still gaining ground and will (hopefully) meet their goal of restoring the power to the people, not just the wealthiest 1% of Americans.
The Occupy Wall Street movement is opposite of the Tea Party protests.
by Colder October 13, 2011
A video game review site, characterized by biased, poorly written reviews. Worships any new Call of Duty game that comes out, and gives games they don't like (RTS games, adventure games without guns and shooting, any game exclusively for PC or PS3) bad ratings just as an attempt to please their dark overlords, Microsoft, EA, and Activision.

Plus, it is owned by News Corporation (Does FOX News and Rupert Murdoch ring a bell?)
IGN is to the video game industry what the RIAA is to the music industry.
by Colder October 24, 2011
To receive fellatio while simultaneously defecating
(blowjob+dump+pumpkin=blumpkin). In other words, the best of both worlds.
I got a blumpkin from my girlfriend when I had to take a shit while we were having sex.
by Colder April 17, 2011
Storm the Fucking Base. A mod for the game Minecraft where you form a clan with your friends, build a fortress, and then spar with other clans for land, resources, and glory. Designed and hosted by RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).
I'm going on the STFB server tonight, are you?

Hell yeah!
by Colder November 20, 2011
The ability in RTS games to constantly produce units, keep a strong economy going, and build up a base. The opposite of micro, which involves controlling individual units.

In other words, keeping your money down (always spending it on units), your income up (by building workers to collect resources), and your army larger than your opponent's.
Zerg (from Starcraft) is a macro-intensive race, because of its ability to build units and expand easily.
by Colder September 19, 2011
A common misspelling of merc, which means to beat up or kill someone. Used mainly in hip-hop and gang culture. Derived from mercenary, a soldier for hire.
Crip1: That nigga's a blood, imma murk his ass.

Crip2: It's spelled merc, not murk.
by Colder August 6, 2011
Hey, is that Charlie Sheen?

Nah, that's Charlie Scene, look at emo the clothes he's wearing.
by Colder September 12, 2011