A place whare guys go to scam on honeys
Me and my homies: Hey can you give us a ride to the mall?

My homies dad: The mall? why would you want to go to the mall? only girls go to the mall.

Me and my homies: Exactly! that's the whole point of going to the mall!
by Biscuit Bega December 30, 2005
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1. place to hang out with your friends

2. place to spend all of your money and go broke

3. time consumer

4. place to shop

Girl 1. Lets go to the mall after school .
Girl 2. Ok. But I dont have any money left i spent it all yesterday when we went.
Girl 1. I have some you can use.
Girl 2. Thanks. I cant wait it just gives me an excuse not to do my homework because it just takes up all my free time.
Girl 1. I know!!! I cant wait to shop!!!
by UA gurl November 23, 2005
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a shopping center
most commonly used
to kill time
and parents money
in suburbia
"Mooom, Dannie and I are going to the mall. Can I have some cash?"
by maria mouk May 2, 2005
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A chill zone for teenagers and adults with lot's of stores and overpriced items there's also a food court.
Kaylee: Did you and Chad have fun at the Mall?
Kiersten : it was amazing we were holding hands kissing and Chad would caress my breasts and rub my pussy in dressing rooms everything was great until he saw his wife and 3 brats in the food court then he ditched me I had to suck some big hairy dude's dick just to get a ride home!
Kaylee : Oh Kiersten why didn't you just call me!
Kiersten : Honey you don't have a dick!
by SlopNChop February 1, 2017
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A noun or an adjective used to describe people who are fashion and brand conscious often regarded as insta-famous/attention whores. The term has reference to a shopping center because of the time spent by these people in malls. They will wear/do anything for the “gram.” The mall is Eco-friendly when speaking with peers but DGAF when swiping the card at Hollister/Burberry. They would be considered the opposite of hesh or granola. They care an incredible amount about what others think of them and often are over dressed or wear excessive amounts of make-up.

Activities you would see someone "mall" doing: vlog type snap stories. selfies at a sporting event (not giving AF about the event). Posts Pics after first date. Goes to pool party but won't get in because of hair or will ruin their look. Wears makeup to slumber party (never not wearing makeup).
Guy: Did you just buy another pair Michael Kors sunglasses?
Girl: umm... yess... heehee
Guy: Why I am I dating you, you f***ing mall girl.

Guy: Bro, see that guy over there?
Bro: Which one, the Granola or the Mall?

Girl: Do I look fat in this dress or... this one?
Guy: You look like a mall in both.
by Into Mall Girls July 10, 2016
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The girl of your dreams. who can break your heart, but can still love you. the most beautiful, smart and talented girl you will very meet. and mallely, i love you with all my heart
by TySampson October 23, 2011
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A place where tennagers go to waste thir lives away.
"Dude, you wanna go to the mall?"
"Yeah, dude!"
by Dan Jakubek January 22, 2004
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