A synonym for perfect. A person who is Dannie is probably the most awesome and perfect person you will ever meet, unless you are fortunate to meet a second Dannie, at whuch point you explode from awesome overdose. Is all of funny, sexy, smart and amazing at the same time.
"Dude, you see that girl over there?"
"Who, the Dannie?"
"Yeah, perfect isn't she."
by Call me Bob October 16, 2014
An amazing guy.

A Dannie can be defined by 5 words;

funny, cute, unique, impressive, & huggable.

Dannie's are people you can't help but love.

& who could turn down a Dannie?
"man, did you see that danny?! i'm sooo going home with him tonight!"
"Man, did you see that Dannie?! I'm sooo going home with him tonight!"
by PHIL-LEG-MINION December 25, 2016
A cute girl who's fun to talk to. She loves makes you laugh. Also she's lactose intolerant, and loves chocolate. She also has a nice bod, and rumor has it she has a nice ass.
Damn, shes such a Dannie.
by supbraIMabro September 4, 2011
A person that has alcohol for blood and a peanut where their brain should be. A good burrito can make their whole day brighter. Tetris addict. Mario Kart is a career. Doesn't believe in dinosaurs, the word 'particle', or being in the state of 'sober'. She's thirsty.
Look at the chick party, she's a deffinate Dannie.
by brandisunshine February 11, 2009
A person whith very large forehead
Yo there is a Dannie
by Bruh it's true August 18, 2016
A girl who is open hearted.

Shes's brunette, with AMAZING eyes. She hurts her self because she doesn't see her perfection, or her beauty . She has her friends close & her enemies closer.

She rejects love, because she thinks it's a joke. When she secretly just wants to be held.

She doesn't give many second chamces unless you're specail to this beauty.

She loves kisses and hugs

She knows what she wants.
If she excepts you into her life

She is truly beautiful inside and out.

She just doesn't know it.
"Danni is a beauty who doesn't know it"
by Carl jamess October 15, 2013
Such a cute man he would brighten up your day. Hes the bestest friend you can ask for and dont let him go. He will treat you like a princess and treat women with respect and love. Hes very reserved so he will only open up to you if he likes you. He’ll make you smile like a donkey because he’s so cute and funny. He’ll brighten up your day and leave you going to bed with a smile on your face and feeling validated. He understands your feelings and would accept your past. Dont ever let him go because you need him in your life and he’s here to stay.
Guy: hi whatsup beautiful

Me: stfu I already have danny
by LowkeySimp March 10, 2021