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the cops. if you hear some one yell the po-po's comein RUN!!!!!
oh snap! it's the po-po!
by biscuit bega December 31, 2005

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The best damn T.V. show in the world! M.A.S.H stands for mobile army surgical hospital. the plot of the show is about doctor hawkeye pierce,doctor john trapper,major hot lips holohan,farett face frank burns,radar o'riley,max klinger,sherman potter and major charles emerson winchester the third. hawkeye and trapper (later Trapper leaves And B.J. honneycutt arives) preforme meat ball surgery in korea in the 1950's. to keep sane they drink homade gin,chase nurses and pull pratical jokes. M*A*S*H ran from 1972-1983 it is one of the most popular shows of all time.
FROM M*A*S*H episode officer of the day.

Hawkeye: I will not carry a gun frank. When i got into this war i had a clear understanding with the pentgon no guns i'll carry your books,ill carry a torch,i'll carry a tune,i'll carry on,i'll carry over,carry forward,cary grant,cash and carry,carry me back to old virginia,i'll even hari-kari if you show me how but i will not carry a gun!!!

So you can see M*A*S*H* is a very pimpish T.V. show.
by Biscuit Bega December 29, 2005

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A place whare guys go to scam on honeys
Me and my homies: Hey can you give us a ride to the mall?

My homies dad: The mall? why would you want to go to the mall? only girls go to the mall.

Me and my homies: Exactly! that's the whole point of going to the mall!
by Biscuit Bega December 29, 2005

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an extremely hot chick
damn! she's a stupid fly honey!
by Biscuit Bega December 29, 2005

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The commandments that Moses dropped on the way down the mountain and were recovered by three dudes in Colorado. These were the real commandments written as law for stoners, sinners and macdaddy's.

1. thought shalt get laid

2.though shall not be gay

3.thou shalt have a honey wagon

4. thou shalt scam on honeys

5.thou shall not rub thine self in vasaline

6.thou shall not finger thine cat (that means you kris!!)

7. thou shall make monthly pilgrameges to the mall in search for slimys

8.thou shall get stoned

9. gretta is a bitch and that is that

10. though sall not name thine kid isaac (god that's a gay name)
the commandments make life barable
by biscuit bega December 31, 2005

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