3 definitions by maria mouk

a shopping center
most commonly used
to kill time
and parents money
in suburbia
"Mooom, Dannie and I are going to the mall. Can I have some cash?"
by maria mouk May 01, 2005
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percieved enlightenment
obtained through methods
that dont neccessarily deliver
the productivity of enlightenment

shortcut to enlightenment
(an oxymoron as one cancels out the latter)
(as in.. he may think that hes figured it out living inside his acid trip
but no real progress has been made as he is still attached to the one plane- he percieves to be "it")

ex: "Ive seen many suffer the illusions of backdoor enlightenment in the psytrance scene."
by maria mouk March 29, 2006
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amazing city
in its uprising developmental stage
in Russia
with relentless culture
party atmosphere
and beauty
(if you know where to look)
and new potential
b.c Russians
are hard ass determined !
(He was flying in to Moscow on business)
by maria mouk May 01, 2005
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