A snap, or break in the shaft of an erection
Jimmy's got a cracked corn, we better get him to the hospital!
by A Random Thomas January 27, 2016
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To crack corn means to insult somebody.A crack fight is an insult contest, usually involving 'yo mama' jokes.
"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me;Jimmy crack corn and I don't care"
by Ortolan February 24, 2010
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(verb) The breaking of corn in the cornfield, usually done in the evening. Around dusk.
by LizzayJay March 29, 2009
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Inserting corn into a female's (or male) anus,

leaving it until its about to come out, take a picture and there your have Crack Corn
Damn James i was online and saw Adams picture,

Yer it was off his girlfriends CRACK CORN
by jizzyJames April 30, 2009
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Gee-whiz, gee-willikers, Jesus Christ!, Holy Cow, God-dammit... all the same thing really. Just an expression of surprise.
Man: "Jimmy Crack Corn!"
Woman: "What?"
Man: "I just stepped on a fucking lego!"
by Xeratai April 19, 2022
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getting your ass licked then shitting in a persons mouth. when they say something about shitting in their mouth , you just grab their ears and place their face backin your ass and say thats just some jimmy crack corn"
that chick from walmart was going to town on me and boy jimmy crack corn and i dont care.
by steve eddy & anthony cortez October 8, 2006
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