A situation where the American colonies go so fed up with the stuff Britain tried to impose on them that they rebelled and won independence.
Thank God for the American Revolution. Makes me glad to be an American.
by Ereck Flowers September 10, 2018
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See Revolutionary War, which was:

America (the fledgling British colony)
Great Britain (the great empire)
"There are posers who want to start another 'American Revolution' by killing all republicans and, essentially, spreading anarchy."
by Dave July 6, 2004
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The worst case of vigilantism in the recorded history of humanity.
They should not have take the law into their own hands but instead should have worked to change the law through law-abiding means.
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Is a musical by the world famous songwriter and actor Alexander Hamilton, starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, George Washington and the brittish King also known as Elisabeth I.

The Show is about gunsafety and the founding of the country New York City.
Jeff: "Hey have you seen The american revolution?"
Mike: "Hell yeah. I don't want to shoot people anymore after watching it! It's insane!"
by ReliktBrot July 6, 2020
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comes from "American Revolution":the world's most-famous temper-tantrum

usually means "to pull an all-out fit and somehow glorify it afterwards".
Bill:DUDE!!! Did you see Ericka the other day? I saw her totally pull an american revolution!

Dave:I KNOW!!! That was totally amazing!
by DropkickIrish January 30, 2011
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A war between the British and the French, and to a lesser extent, Americans. It was financed by the French, and was won by the French when independence was achieved, how ever the Americans were very ungrateful and did not repay a loan they received from France, instead betraying them by not joining the war when France was invaded by Germany.
"Hey did you hear about the American Revolution"

"You mean the French-English war in America?"

"Nah, Americans are also involved"
by King Louis XII August 4, 2022
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