Before the War, ante is Latin for before, bellum is Latin for war. Often used to describe the period in the United States directly prior to the Civil War.
The antebellum South was based on a largely agricultural economy.
by stefffan November 13, 2007
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A mainstream country band who are proud to defend their racist name.
Her: I love this nostalgic Lady Antebellum song!

Him: Yeah, it reminds me of the Good Ol' Days!
by Politically, factually correct September 30, 2013
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A country music trio that tried hard to look non-racist by changing its name to Lady A, but is now suing famous black gospel, blues and soul singer, Anita White, over the name, which she has been using for literal decades.
"What is the point of Lady Antebellum pulling this name-changing stint when they are still gonna act racist!"
by Eyrhys July 9, 2020
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A group of kletår that thinks they own the place even tho they vandre
"Why is he such a kleta when he does not even have a buss?" "Because he is from Antebellum"
by HaterVandre October 4, 2021
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