After having sex with a woman, open the front door and tell her ass to "Get Out!" Simple, yet quite effective.
"Dude, after I got done fucking her, I totally pulled the Amityville. I got up, opened the door and told her, in a raspy, ghostly voice to "Get Out!"
by Burvis the bum June 19, 2008
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A small-in-size but renowned-in-reputation village on the South Shore of Long Island, where you can find a plethora of lifeguards, bongs, surf-racks, and gossip. A place where you can't pee without the whole town finding out in an hour. The townies wear flip flops all year long, and beer pong is played, very competitvely, on any surface available. Everyone either owns a boat, belongs to a yacht club, swims, or at least goes to Robert Moses or Jones Beaches weekly during the summer. Everyone is athletically- or musically-inclined, and has unbeatable style. There is beef between private and public schooling, and a big distinction between the North and the South parts, but one thing about Amityville is certain either way: there is never a dull moment. So fucking cruise 80 miles an hour down Richmond, smoke down at Amityville Beach, stuff your face at Mike's and Blue T, pretend you don't drop into Brownstone's all the time, get your ass to the July 3rd Fair and the Christmas Tree Lighting, get big at Dolphin, wait in line for an hour at Better Bagel, and remember that this fucking Bay Village is a lot more than just Friendly.

Oh yeah, and there's always that house that random people stop us to look for.
"Where are you from?"
"Oh, wow."

"Shit, the cops are here."
"It's okay, I'm related to like 10 police officers."

"Have you ever been inside it? Do people live there? Is it true?"
"Please shut up."
by hollaaa November 16, 2005
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North or South? There's a difference.

Also called A-ville by some people.

North: Also referred to as 'the ghetto of Amityville'

South: South of Merrick. 'Where the white people live'
by D Dawgg September 27, 2011
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Amityville in long island got all different kinds of neighborhoods and people

1. Amity Harbor be mostly made up of middle class White people (who think they're rich). Most send their kids to Private School b/c of Amity Schools poor performance and racial reasons. Most people from here flaunt they money in an extremely gaudy fashion in a desperate attempt to not be associated wit North Amity in the eyes of people from other towns. The Amityville Horror was here.

2. Amityville Village is mostly White but more diverse than the harbor. Its more dense than da other parts of town and has older homes. This is where downtown is and all da fancy shops. The town be very concerned about they image and flipped out cause a supermarket sign aint had the right color or something of that nature. Most people here be working class.

3. North Amityville is mostly Black with some Latinos (and White people mainly in da trailer park's). Most people here act very ghetto (even da older bunch) to the point of it just gettin ridiculous and pathetic. North Amity got high crime but it's been very low in recent years, the parts off Sunrise tend to got the most crime and poverty. There be a shitload of fast food restaurants on 110. North Amity isn't all rundown, there actually be some nice parts like the neighborhoods right south of the North Amity Town Pool off Albany Ave, these parts are very flashy and extravagent. North Amity got it's issues but it aint as bad as its made out to be
Woman: Let's go to Amityville
Husband: Which part?
by amitytowner October 15, 2011
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This town is made up of people who think they are "something", however, in reality, they are perpetrating the fraud that they do represent "something.” That something amounts to what is now known as: surfing, drinking a lot of beer, playing beer pong, acting thug, smoking marijuana, and listening to good music. Don't be mistaken though, the north side of Amityville is comparable to the south Bronx, mostly on Arbor Day between the hours of 12:03am to 8:43pm. It is like any other town in some respects- there are the parts where the "cool" kids hang out, where the "potheads" hangout, where the "losers" reside and so on and so forth. The Amityville police department can best be described as overly friendly, mostly due to the fact that everyone in the entire tri state area knows them and you can buy PBA cards in 25 cent slot machines. “Hey, if its in red cups, we cant do shit.” Damn straight. Carry on. “What’s that you’re smoking, marijuana? Keep smoking, but might I bother to ask you where you acquired this green looking substance from?” People sometimes have a tendency to drive directly into 7-11s, drive on lawns while you sleep, driving while yelling slurs, driving while firing paintball guns at 14 year olds, and driving while asking and demanding where that "haunted house" might be. Its gotten to that point where everyone that lives in Amityville can give perfect directions, without smirking, to lead these tourists to the east side of Guatemala. Lastly, few species have been spotted residing in Amityville. first we have the white kids (from the south part) trying to be thug. Lets call this species “retarded.” Then we have the surfers, who are generally referred to as "posers," and last but not least we have "hot girls." WAIT. WHAT? Actually, they’re aren’t even that many hot girls living here. if you’re between the ages of 7 and 63 and looking for ass, don’t come to Amityville. Go to Massapequa. Its our "friendly" next door neighbor. (where std’s have been spotted traveling in packs of four with sonic the hedge hog-looking males off of Montauk Highway.) Oh, and everyone knows what the undercover cop cars look like on Halloween.
Amityville is an experiment.

by Dan Dan Dan May 2, 2006
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Some unusual quirk of a house, like a miswired light switch or unseen noise source like a loose attic fan that make a place seem haunted. Usually a construction defect or something that is in need of servicing.

Was uttered by a homeowner on the HGTV show "House Detectives" when having them look over her house.
"And this is the 'Amityville' light switch... the one on the left doesn't seem to do anything but this one turns on both the hall and that one porch light over there..."
by Olive Thomas July 11, 2005
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