Verb. To get someone else high with your own weed
Since he's really rich my friend lou smokes me down all the time.
If you could smoke down any historical figure who would it be?
Thanks for smokin me down, man
by Chauncey II August 29, 2006
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Michigan slang for smoking dope. Means the same thing as smoking up in the 49 other states.
Brian made a bong out of a Faygo bottle so we could smoke down
by Matthew February 05, 2005
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when one pleasures ones penis as it is hanging down.
Oh Baby! SMOKE DOWN, SMOKE DOWN! Oh Im gonna spurt....*Spurt* Sorry, Baby that smoke down was awesome.
by Justin Sanchez September 09, 2004
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verb: to curse out,tell off until speechless.
noun: the act of being/getting smoked down.
"you just got smoked down"
"she will smoke you down"
by JasmineJazz June 20, 2006
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we say smoke you up in the U.P. . so really only the lower half of michigan says this. meaning they'll get you high. but really it should be smoke you UP
I'll smoke you down dude.
by shmmegal May 02, 2008
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