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A small bubble of a city outside of Cleveland, OH. While characterized by its primarily white population, marijuana-smoking teenage inhabitants and largest public beach on Lake Erie, Bay also is your destination for Soccer Moms galore.
You're from Bay Village? Damn you kicked our asses in soccer. Let's meet at The South.
by Ana24 August 31, 2008
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A small Cleveland suburb that borders Rocky River, Westlake, Avon Lake, and Lake Erie. Bay is primarily known for the skills of the soccer team, celebrities Kate Voegel and Patricia Heaton, Huntington Beach, pot smoking teens and adults, the Sam Sheppard murder, and the recent murder-suicide. Known to the high school scene is the uprise in popularity of dubstep, local hot spots for smoking and drinking, and shitty cops. Bay Village is a good town to find dank bud and beautiful scenary, but the adults of this suburban town are wary and distrustful of most adolescents. Also thought to be preppy and stuck up, many of the adult residents may be, yet most of the adolescents are very open and excepting of others.
That is some dank shit you got." "Yeah I got from a kid in Bay Village.
by BudToker420 April 04, 2011
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