A man so special that you're willing to tolerate him for the rest of your life.
"I can't believe he remembered that! That's my future husband right there!"
by PheEternal September 17, 2009
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Male who has leveled up and evolved from "boyfriend."
Male just leveled up to "husband": he obtained a wife!
by megustavideojuegos December 11, 2012
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A leader to his wife and warrior for his family. He exudes strength. Honor will have meaning. He will protect his wife and family from harm, he confirms his bond to her with tokens and gifts to show all he knows that he is serious about the woman that he has selected. He will profess his love for her with a commitment. He will provide food, shelter and safety. A husband will protect you at all cost. He will share his dreams and fears with his wife to bond. He will easily love her and desire a family with her. He's selfless with his partner and make tough choices for the good of his family. He will love his wife passionately and in return she will be all encompassing
With tears of joy she has taken a new husband.
by Onlyaladywilldo March 5, 2018
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*My best friend
*Loves me unconditionally
*Always there for me no matter what
*The most handsome
*Extremely funny
*The only person I'll ever want or need
by YoursTruly... February 2, 2019
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1. A man that you love (unless you want a divorce)
2. Usually the father of the kids or an amazing step father

3.somebody you want to have sex with (unless you want to divorce or is crap in bed )
4.someone who is probably scared of you.
5. Someone you love to annoy
6. Someone who will love you even if your in a bad mood or don't have makeup on.

7.someone you would die for .
I love my husband he cares for me even if I'm being a turd
by Sarah_e_t_w_ July 19, 2017
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Meaning of 'My husband' , even though he is not her actual husband , telling people that 'he' is mine. Commonly used in a way of

1. Expressing their favorite entertainer , like Justin Bieber.
2. Calling your boyfriend a 'husband'
A : Oh my gwad, don't touch my husband.
B : Girl, he's not your husband he doesn't even even know you in actual life and he's not that good at singing
A : Omg, how dare you blame my husband. Get out of my way.
by Edsyp0302 September 19, 2012
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