A gentlemen who does things extravagantly.
Ben is extravagent”
by wright593 October 16, 2017
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Undescriabale and out of this world brilliant.
Some people have extravagant personalities.
by Alonda May 21, 2005
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absolutely fantastic, more than good, the word used in that one video of that dude who was totally smashed
person 1: what
person 2: you good?
person 1: what nigga? i’m like, extravagant
by giant fairy February 23, 2019
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The act of being too extravagant
People should not be extravagating in these times, they should be donating to people in need.
by Larry K November 24, 2008
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That is a cool flash animation

re worded: That flash animation is pr0nulatory extravagance.

ex2. Dude thats pr0nulatory extravagance
by Matt November 16, 2004
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