A boy genius who has his own cult.
The Merrick cult is thriving.
by Lala kitty May 7, 2017
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A boy who is so amazing and gorgeous he will make every girl around him go crazy. The only person in this world who could cause mass chaos simply by taking off his shirt. He can be described as the perfect man, who can be completely romantic and love you with his whole heart. He gets hurt easily however, so if you have him, don't treat him like crap. Any girl would be willing to take him from you.
Girl: Wow is that your boyfriend? He's awesome!

Gf: Ya, that's Merrick!
by MaybeThisTime March 31, 2010
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Merrick is a wealthy town on the southshore of Long Island. With extravegent houses in the south, west, and north. It is surrounded by Freeport(ghetto),Roosevelt(ghetto), Uniondale(almost all ghetto), East Meadow (not ghetto), and Bellmore (just plain old trashy but beautiful in parts). It is mostly populated by Jews with a small percentage of Catholics. Therefore the Public Schools are filled with Jappy girls and horny boys. If you visit Merrick all you will find are open house parties along the open bay. Parts of Merrick include South Merrick, Merrick Woods, and North Merrick. And recently the town added those stupid little signs trying to give each section a name for example, "Merrick Lea" but it didn't work. The teens weekends consist of parties at the grammar schools for example drinking at Fayette, smoking at Chatterton, and sex at Birch. Good times in the little South Shore town.
Party in Merrick tonight. Oh Yea where? Up at Fayette. But then we'll probally end up on the bay.
by Bob Morash December 24, 2006
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A slightly richer Long Island town where everyone juuls, smokes pot, or goes to B-side (if you go to Calhoun)
Everybody in Merrick is either jewish, italian, or gay.
by fuckmerrick May 11, 2018
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An all out asshole, but he has lots of confidence and will do almost anything on a dare or for money
That kid Merrick, he's fuckin crazy.
by Fuck aleck November 17, 2016
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King/God of the ocean is supposed to bring great riches and fortune to those who treat him kindly
"Merrick, The god of the sea, gave me great fortune and let me win the lottery"
by Bob the goon October 4, 2015
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nice on the east border but crap on the west. surrounded by roosevelt and freeport on one side and the other side bellmore and wantagh. merrick is not the best place to be. unless your in south or on the east side.
roosevelt,freeport,and uniondale are retty hard ass. Wantagh,bellmore and seaford...have never seen a car under under 30,000. that explains it.Merrick leans more towrds the west side
by greenspeak11 September 10, 2006
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