An Amazing Girl, with a smile that could make the world stop and turn. Her looks making even the most beautiful angels jealous. She's sweet enough to make the heartless blush. Kind and smart enough to make the most stubborn listen. Amity is a natural miracle, that no man could even dream of.

"Hey she's pretty"
"Damn fuckin straight she is. Thats Amity"
by JustthatrandomIsaiah November 3, 2014
An impressive combination of sass, smarts and sparkle. Sometimes referred to as "sex on legs", Amity could easily be the star of all those girl-in-a-lab coat fantasies. Not just a pretty face though, she is always quick to make you laugh and full of interesting things to say. She boasts amazing taste in all the good things in life (music, food and friends) and a smile that lights up her whole face and yours too.

You could say that Amity is the whole package.

In fact i will.
Girl: Did you see that hot blonde girl on the dancefloor. But she must be a ditz...

Boy: Newsflash, that's a wig!...She's got a hot brunette crop under that...and she's not just a hot girl, she's smart and funny too. That's Amity!

(mad racket, new years 2008/2009)
by talk it up February 6, 2010
Blonde, sexy mama. Loves to hang with Boyfriend. Likes mudfights, horse riding, and listening to her iPod. You can always count on Amity to have fun. She is DEFFINATLY not a boring person. Guys easily fall for, and no one can blame them. Has a ghetto booty..but dont go thinking shes fat. She has a small waist, and pale skin!
Holy cow. she's such an Amity.
by Sophiedizzle March 10, 2008
Amity, as referred to in Divergent by Veronica Roth, is one of the five factions. For this faction, you are known to be peaceful and kind.
Veronica was born into Dauntless, but felt as if Amity was more her way.
by _briiannuhh September 22, 2014
Tall, gorgeous, so sweet if u ever meet her ur so lucky she’s absolutely incredible with hypnotizing eyes that are a dark cloudy sky blue color. Dirty blondes hair beautiful smile. She’s really sweet but mess with her and her BFF will come for you. A grammar freak
Someone: hey bro what’s up

Amity: you forgot a comma and period.
Amity: why are u looking at me
Anyone: sorry couldn’t help myself your so gorgeous
by Storrac2424 October 26, 2020