Awesome-est friend in the entire world that is 20% pimp and adorable! He's funny and knows how to cheer someone up! AND HE WILL FUKK YOU UP! HE KNOWS MARTIAL ARTS!! But he's a sweetheart! He also has a 'mustache'. His name backwards also resembles a masturbating frog.
Kristy: YUSSS!!!!
by ThatNinjaPimpGangsta August 12, 2011
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Terry is an awesome girl, who is kind, loving and caring. She is a family person and puts people over herself. She is also hard working and dedicated and knows how to plan a good party.

Try origin from the Latin word terrificus meaning extraordinary.
Terry is the most amazing and terrific sister I the world.
by Hotdevilsangel00 March 28, 2016
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From the Key and Peele Comedy Central sketch based on what to do should Terrorists take over a plane. Terrorists are referred to as "Terries".
"Terries were responsible for the 9/11 incident"
by Absolute Eternal March 28, 2019
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vb; British slang for engaging in sexual intercourse with the wife or partner of a close friend, team member or colleague. Named after England Football Captain John Terry's alleged philandering with team mate Wayne Bridges' wife.
1 I tell you what Fabio, I'd terry your wife at the drop of a hat.
2 Oi Gav, I terried Ian's missus last night, do you think I should pop down the STD clinic?
by Ponyegg February 05, 2010
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An over-sexual man who tries to conceal his creepiness through relentless and stupid sex jokes that are unnecessary and don't do anything but make people uncomfortable. He always does this but attacks other people for making less stupid jokes less often, so is not very self aware. Also has some scary anger issues and always treats one specific female friend of his in a weird way, for example when they bend over in class to get books from another table he will over sexualise them and make a weird noise to conceal his attraction and creepy feelings.
Person 1: God im so sick of him making unnecessary sex jokes
Person 2: I know, and this point making stupid sex jokes has just become Terry's entire personality
by knowledgeable queen November 10, 2020
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A girl very obnoxious and loves her beer. Her laugh would terrify a grizzly bear walking in the woods. Shes kindhearted and loves to spend money on people. Shes Irish and goes crazy on saint Patrick's day!!
Girl:she's so drunk

Girl2: she's such a terry
by Mascot04 March 31, 2013
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