To put out in the boondocks. To assign to a lower status.
If we get caught the boss will relegate both of us to the mail room. We sorted through all the photos and Kim and Shaila's were so blurry we had to relegate them to the garbage file.
by bitit December 15, 2013
When you're too bad for your current status so your management yeets you down to the rank that you used to mock.
Man, you get too cheeky. I think you need a relegation...
by H1dd3n_Identity July 15, 2020
Despite being better funded than most of the World's countries - Man City are doomed to relegation
by Leaskj January 3, 2009
When some one gets devalued or put into their place basically they just got owned
Larry: I think I can make it to the NBA
Bob: dude you just beat by a girl that is five three years younger than you. GET RELEGATED
by lilpereira June 6, 2009
Relegation fodder is the term used to describe football clubs who will battle against relegation from their league.
Football fan #1: So, what team do you think is gonna surprise us all this year?
Football fan #2: I gotta go with Norwich
Football fan #1: Norwich? Nah bro, they're relegation fodder.
by Peatrix Botter March 2, 2022
The process upon which a former champion or champies is dumped to the heap of forgotten losers.
e.g. I cant believe he is involved in a relegation battle. Pathetic, he should rather keep to himself.
by casman07 September 12, 2016
To reserect a fence.
"OMG! WTF? I just knocked down that wall, he must of relegated it"
by David March 8, 2003