Someone you can trust,rely on and also have faith in.
he is also the kind of person who is generous and sometimes makes people feel happy when sad.
They are usually born on Friday's and also gives an helping hand hand needed.They also like music.
by Damian Tom February 10, 2017
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one who is fantastic at everything he turns his hands too. especially in the bedroom
kimberley- i wish i still had terry he was great in bed

becca- yeah i know he regularly gives me multiple orgasms just looking at me
by terry mendis September 11, 2008
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terry’s are very precious but they also have a secret dark side to them. but u will never notice until the rapture comes 👆👆 but she is a very incredible human who lights up everyone’s mood and is extremely talented
“terry is back?? GLOBAL WARMING IS SAVED!!!!”
by MVGAIKE March 30, 2021
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nickname for someone called therese , very short and definitely has anger issues. Is extremely agressive when drunk so beware. Probably has a thing for guys called timothy.
(raphaelle)"Terry! Stop pulling Domit's hair!"
by siberasidney May 28, 2020
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vb; British slang for engaging in sexual intercourse with the wife or partner of a close friend, team member or colleague. Named after England Football Captain John Terry's alleged philandering with team mate Wayne Bridges' wife.
1 I tell you what Fabio, I'd terry your wife at the drop of a hat.
2 Oi Gav, I terried Ian's missus last night, do you think I should pop down the STD clinic?
by Ponyegg February 5, 2010
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Terry Fuckwit is a cartoon character from a magazine. The character's behaviour throughout the cartoon can only be described as that of a fuckwit. Hence, "Terry" is used in polite company when describing someone else as a fuckwit.
"My boss continues to make real bonehead decisions. He's a real terry"


"The terry umpire screwed up again"

by FrankOwen September 6, 2008
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