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Someone you can trust,rely on and also have faith in.
he is also the kind of person who is generous and sometimes makes people feel happy when sad.
They are usually born on Friday's and also gives an helping hand hand needed.They also like music.
by Damian Tom February 10, 2017
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The most amazing guy ever, he is super sweet and when he finds a girl he really likes, he holds on to her tight. He loves his family and friends and always his girlfriend. <3 Terry is very I energetic and loves being outside. Terry is always hanging out with friends and if he's not doing that, then he's talking to his girlfriend.

Terry will always be loved even if he doesn't know it, if you find a Terry then you should hold on to him for as long as possible.

If you ever become a Terrys girlfriend then your extremely lucky:)
Wow is that Terry?
Yes, he's so sweet I wish I could date him.
Well he sure is cute.
by Summerlove_867 September 08, 2016
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A very sweet and intellectual girl. She's athletic, clever, and beautiful. Keep her around as long as you can if you can be her friend.
by GucciFlopFlip February 14, 2019
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A drummer with no sense of subtlety. He talks shit about his so-called friends. He's obsessed with Danny Carey (the drummer from Tool) because he is a tool. He wishes he was Andrew, but he's just Terry.
Terry wants to pitch a tent in Danny Carey's ass.
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by August 06, 2018
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one who is fantastic at everything he turns his hands too. especially in the bedroom
kimberley- i wish i still had terry he was great in bed

becca- yeah i know he regularly gives me multiple orgasms just looking at me
by terry mendis September 11, 2008
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A god like figure, the Main character in the terrific adventures of Terry, and an idol for many. Often referred to as the king of bus drivers, with his worshippers often referred to as 'Terryists', who aim to control the modern world with the power and holy aid of Terry. Most powerful being of all time, and has been mentioned in many legends for his extreme bed skills, with his nickname being 'terryanosaurus sex'.

Can also be used to describe something as 'awesome'
Trev: After reading the terrific adventures of Terry back to back, I now feel strong faith for his holy power, and so, have converted to a Terryist.

Hank: Wow, that's so Terry, I'm Proud you have finally seen sense!
by JJSTEW May 07, 2013
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Someone who is kind, giving and generous. You won't find a more loyal and thoughtful person! Always concerned with the thoughts and feelings of others, while putting them first. Loving and caring friend, wife and mother, also a great lover. A defender of the underdog. Spiritual, mystical, other-worldly, an old soul, and the cutest hunny bunny you will ever meet.
I wish I was a Terry.
by sylphgirl February 04, 2010
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