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She is a free-spirited kid at heart. Has a beautiful mind, and is very loyal to the lord. Is quite forgiving, but when she gets mad, she gets MAD. On occasion can get very livid. But she will always love you, and be kind to you no matter what. She is a very lonely being, who needs and wants a companion to grow old with. She is stern when raising children. But doesn't get violent with them. Has been through a lot in life, but still keeps her chin up, and people are inspired by that. She is a little too selfless. She is fairly good at taking care of herself. Is always quite stressed with money, but can still have a good time. Family is the biggest value and priority in her life, being 2nd after God. Has very stong faith, and hope. She is very pretty, and has a little weight on her but not much. If you get to be lucky enough and have her, you will be so ungrateful, and wonder how you were able to be blessed with such a beautiful person. Cherish, and Love her, she will always be worth it.
Wow, She is such a Terrie
by Whoever.You.Want.It.To.Be. February 16, 2010
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hot cool chicka with a bad ass attitude loves men and knows how to rock her body doesnt take no shit and aint afraid to make the first move. but dont touch her man case she will protect whats hers
That girl is terrie.
by torpedo jones February 01, 2010
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Cum- gusling gutter slut who roams the mountains preying on hardworking men. A black widow of sorts.. She mates, breaks them down, chews them up, and spits them out.. And uses their resources to make a better life for herself. Leaving her eggs to fend for themselves when they hatch.

She is a creepiest being to ever walk the face of this earth.
A tehachapi terrie killes a man in tehachapi, California today. We're on a code red! CODE RED. Take your car keys bank cards and your penis and move, move, move!!
by Pest Control Kathy. October 20, 2010
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