Generally is the member of a group who takes the blame for most things.
Mackie: Oh fuck I've lost my wallet

Duffy: Probably that fucking Terry again its always him
by Hjoofles April 18, 2010
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The most wonderful girl I will ever meet,she's pretty,cute,smart,kind,funny I could go on forever! I love her and she doesn't even know it...Definately the coolest person in the world

Talk to her when you need someone. Try not to fall in love with her

"see her?That's Terry she's the most beautiful and coolest person ever!"

by lukemmmm February 26,2016
Terry-living life to the fullest,never a dull moment,owns her thrown
by lukemmmm February 26, 2016
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Terry is an amazing friend to have. Terry is a supportive, loving, funny, and not to mention an amazing boyfriend that any girl would be lucky to have. Terry has a great sense of humor and knows how to make everyone in the room laugh their asses off. If you're in need of a good friend, find yourself a Terry.
random person: I need a friend that has a great sense of humor.
another random person: Dude you should befriend a Terry, they have the best jokes!
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by jeanisthebeanweallneed August 07, 2019
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A lazy gay Ohioan who waits until summer to do his spring gardening.
Is he really planting sod in this heat? What a freaking Terry!
by jerseyfrank June 14, 2014
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Terry Fuckwit is a cartoon character from a magazine. The character's behaviour throughout the cartoon can only be described as that of a fuckwit. Hence, "Terry" is used in polite company when describing someone else as a fuckwit.
"My boss continues to make real bonehead decisions. He's a real terry"


"The terry umpire screwed up again"

by FrankOwen September 05, 2008
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When a man accidentally outlines his genitals through use of tight clothing. Named after Terry Wogan
by KILLABISCUIT February 01, 2009
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