UK slang for cocaine.
Derives from 'Terry Farley' (the DJ), which is slang for charlie (another slang word for cocaine)
"Got any Terry mate, I could really do with a pick-me-up?"
by Miss P July 19, 2004
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That noob who stays in his room crying all day.
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by Dexskbidsbd January 18, 2017
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To mess something up so bad but be able to get out of the situation by the art of bull-shittery.
Nava: Shoot I gave the customer the wrong CD rate, what do I do now?
Ashley: You better pull a Terry before they find out and bitch your ass out, naw mean?
by Tcf4Life July 04, 2019
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A pathological liar. He literally lies for no reason. He say she he lives in a big house, even tho you’ve been to his small trailer. He is not the smartest. Also cries often. Listens to X. Wants to be Andrew
Wow that dude lies a lot, must be terry
by Dondave April 19, 2019
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