The most romantic man in any conceivable universe. The kind of guy you can’t get enough of, because he’s so hilarious, and generous, and reassuring, and makes you feel great about yourself. He has a way of turning every situation into something positive. If you can win this man’s heart, you are incredibly lucky.
I love you, Mr. John.
by AmatoTheBeloved February 15, 2020
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The female version of Mr. John, because they share everything, from thoughts to humor to emotions. The luckiest woman in the world, who has given her heart to her very best friend.
He was Mr. John and she was his Mrs. John.
by AmatoTheBeloved February 15, 2020
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He Is Defined As YouTube User, Michal M, He Is The Best Impersonator Of John Bercow And Is Posh Guy That Works For Boris

ORDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER Mr NIL, Please Move To #Lift Chat If You Want To Talk About Lifts
Mr John Bercow Works For Mr TheRacing Gamer In The House Of Commons, Northern Irish Lifts, Boshy, And Clerks Are Mr Kent Lifts And Mr AC Lifts Or Mr No Brain, Many More People Are Involved, Thank You For Reading 🙂
by Northern Irish Lifts October 29, 2020
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A man with an odd odor. that smells like a fetus.
She thinks she so cool with her Mr. John Fetus.
by ImABanana!56 December 30, 2009
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A folk song whose lyrics were written by a 419 scammer whose command of English sucks. Here are the lyrics BTW:

My friend listen to me I don't know what you are doing Infact I have giving you the lawyer who you suppose to contact And I don't really know the reason why you are bringing the issue of the soul called Mr Barrister John Warosa I don't understand your plan here But I have told you to contact Barrister Mohammad Hassan, he is here in UAE He is the only person who will handle this business and without him That means there is no way And I just finished my meeting with him About 2 hours ago, so he is the person And even I can meet with him again Tomorrow morning in his office and I beg you If you really want this business to move forward Just forget any issue or discussion with the soul Called Mr Barrister John Warosa I beg you, I don't want you to discus with me anything about The soul called Mr Barrister John Warosa I beg, don't tell me about him again It's only Barrister Mohammad Hassan That the person who I speak with about this business And no other soul called Barrister and I beg Do not tell me anything about the soul called Mr Barrister John Warosa.

Somehow, Eric Castiglia, the guy who wrote and sang the song, managed to make it sound better than one could ever imagine possible.
Frankly, I'd be surprised if you know "The Soul Called Mr. Barrister John Warosa" without watching Atomic Shrimp's scambating John Warosa episodes. Search it on YT if you don't know. If you can't do that, then clearly you're a small boy.
by EpicScientician January 5, 2022
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