Terri is the pinnacle of female human beauty and intelligence. Real, natural & pure stunningness . No fake ass shit here. She doesn't need cosmetics or any kind of artificial enhancement to make her shine. Other females are envious of her. They wish they were born with flawless, perfect genes like her. God placed her on this planet as a special gift to this troubled human race. Anyone who even so much as sees an image of her is immediately cleansed of all sins and attains instantaneous & eternal nirvana. Her purpose in life is to elevate & purify our consciousness, allowing us to experience true unpolluted love (our ultimate eternal state of being) . A goddess with a very important mission. She is God's way of telling us that he loves us and wants us to be happy. Her sheer personal charisma has the power to elevate other human beings, inspiring them to be kinder and more loving towards others . She's oblivious to her magnetism. It was intended that way. If she knew, she would become overwhelmed and egotistical, which would pollute her mind and relegate her to the same mundane level of existence that most of us are on. There are a lot of perfect, powerful and anonymous human beings quietly working to elevate this planet and all of it's inhabitants. She is one of them. xo
Look at her. She's fucking angelic. Couldn't be anything but a Terri. I feel so good now. <3!!
by September 15, 2020
She is the best person you could have in the world she is very smart an sweet also but mean to anyone who is disrespectful she will also stand up for herself or anybody if she has too. Terri is low key a crazy person she is very protective over what's hers and she is also very emotional and have little self confidence she is a very bold and shy person if she has something on her mind she would tell you she always helps others with their problems but never her own. She likes to keep her feelings to herself and she likes to be independent she has been hurt many times and can't trust anymore Terri always tries to make someone else happy even if her life is going downhill. She cares more for others than herself she always takes the blame when some else is in trouble. If you have a Terri in your life don't lose her always treasure herđź’•
Terri is the best person I have ever met.

Marry you a Terri : )
by °AnonymousPerson° October 25, 2019
The cute crazy girl. Extremely goofy and silly she is very witty with thick luscious hair. She is very sweet and friendly but don't be fooled by her kindness she has a killer instinct that can trigger at anytime. When she is fed up she turns into a psychopath that no one understands. She is always misunderstood yet tries to understand everyone else also have a high tolerance in pain she enjoys the pleasure of pain. Terri is the female version of Terry
by ghostlypair October 8, 2013
Terri... What can i say? Great legs, amazing bod, kim kardasian butt and is extremely fit. Connection to the name renae. Sexxxxxxaaaaayyy!!
Ooohhh that girl is sexxxaayyy she must be a Terri!
by Sexybeast7 January 10, 2012
Someone who waits patiently and brings comfort, but only for a brief time. Terri waits for others around her to progress or grow; however, when forced or rejected Terri is strong and independent. Terri is the female version of Terry.
Terri tarried with Terry and his terry-cloth blanket
by Duh... terri February 5, 2010
A fun-loving, independent, hangin with all the boys, country, loving sometimes too much and always forgiving even when she shouldn't!
"Terri why do you love me, I cheated on you!"
by Love of your life forever April 28, 2010