if you spend that long on a bus to come see me ill make sure its made up to you ten fold
by gwendall December 13, 2007
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When I put a dip after I am buzzing. It seems to make me buzz 'ten-fold'.
by Tinsandcashmoney March 18, 2017
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Refer to this when getting revenge. Ten Fold means to return a blow with 10x more... well, you know what i mean
Danny humiliated Diddy infront of his freinds, so Diddy refered to the Ten Fold Rule and humiliated him when he was the speaker infront of a crowd, followed by a sharp blow to the head
by your best idiot April 5, 2010
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The inherent birthright of every human to seek vengeance at a rate of ten times the original, unprovoked offense upon the original offender(s).
If, for no good reason, a “friend” were to punch you unexpectedly in the stomach, you then would refer to the “Ten-Fold Rule” and be allowed ten free stomach punches upon said “friend.”
by Uncle Joe March 16, 2004
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It originally came xxxtentacion and what it means is u basically stand on all ten toes so ur a man and they never fold cause only bitches fold
friend:I heard Soulja Boy got a hundred and fifty shooters in Atlanta u still gonna pull up?. You: ten toes never fold I ain't no bitch on my moma
by Megaturkyman April 22, 2019
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Tits Extremely Nice, Face Of Les Dawson.

A underhanded compliment to a woman with exceptional chest melons, who's face has not been blessed by anything other than a frying pan - resembling that of British commedian Les Dawson.
"Woah check her out man, she's a complete TEN FOLD for sure"
by Its_Matra March 20, 2020
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