5 definitions by Uncle Joe

When Liam got busted, we all thought he was lunchmeat.
by Uncle Joe July 31, 2003
The inherent birthright of every human to seek vengeance at a rate of ten times the original, unprovoked offense upon the original offender(s).
If, for no good reason, a “friend” were to punch you unexpectedly in the stomach, you then would refer to the “Ten-Fold Rule” and be allowed ten free stomach punches upon said “friend.”
by Uncle Joe March 16, 2004
A large mass of one type of Substance
If you eat to many mushies you will get Poo Cobbler.
by Uncle Joe July 31, 2003
Genevieve is the coolest mother fucker in the whole entire world. And if Joe Biden is reading this she deserves all of her student loans to be forgiven
Don’t worry dad, uncle joe is gonna take care of those loans for Genevieve
by Uncle Joe November 24, 2021
A great person who is always there to talk to no matter what... one major kick booty girl...
I can trust Lenna with anything
by Uncle Joe November 12, 2003