An idea meaning or suggesting: Everyone is born free. Even those suffering oppression and bondage / slavery have a birthright. Soldiers and Wars don't give a nation and its people freedom. But that freedom is inherited as is freewill. Everyone's birthright is that he/ she has the right to: be, not be, believe, disbelieve, accept, reject, think, do, and not do whatever he / she wants to in this mortal life.

synonyms: prerogative, will
Paul: I'm so proud to be American. It's because of all the soldiers that died 200 years ago so I can be free.

Emma: Actually, your birthright is that you're always free to do and think whatever you want until death. If someone transgresses against you and physically keeps you from doing what you want to do, well then, that's their birthright as well.

by 23(tu-three) November 18, 2005
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A 10 free day trip to Israel for Young Adults. Called Taglit Birthright Israel, young adults ride camels, go on a night out in Tel Aviv, visit Jerusalem, go rafting, and take pictures at the dead sea with mud on your face. It's a great experience!
My birthright trip to Israel was amazing!
by partyrockstar222 August 17, 2017
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Anything earned or predetermined for being born. Used to show the contrast of a persons personally held beliefs/actions/convictions/status.
He is Birthright rich but broke as a joke!
She might be a Birthright American Citizen but communist as F__K!
They are Birthright ghetto but stuck to it and rose above!
by Posydon's Goose February 7, 2020
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