hey, let's do the moma.
by sjbang October 25, 2003
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the way a retarded person says "momma" ... pronounced - MOE-ma, with a deep voice and a slur, with a slight southern accent.
"i womla eela MOMA deee-haaaa"
by jennifer nasherson December 8, 2008
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A fertile girl who is young, beautiful, and kind.
They are known as a momma after they have had all of their children.
Evan: I met this cute girl the other day.
Adam: Was she a moma?
Evan: Yes, of course, it's only momas for me.
by Hans Björgsunn January 21, 2021
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an acronym which stands for "man-on-man action" typically describing a questionable amount of physical contact between 2 men.
my friend wanted me to go to his wrestling tournament, but i left after the first 15 minutes cause there was just too much MOMA goin on for my taste...
by johnny fresh May 18, 2007
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The bears went back to their den with some twinks for MOMAS.
by Brutal-Truth August 26, 2019
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yo moma, short. less complicated way of saying 'your mom'
may also be used in a form of a diss, or a put down
yo moma is so fat...
Sue- What did you do last night?
Will- Yo moma
by me March 17, 2005
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A warm juicy snack for your dad or uncle, can be broken if sucked too hard by kids
He has a sexy momas pp.
by yur momas pp November 5, 2021
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