4 definitions by Dr Fred

A very vocal lover shouting screams , moans, and exclamations of joy in the throngs of passion that are not only heard by the lusty lovers but also by the unfortunate ( or fortunate) neighbors
I got no sleep last night since damn Yellin ellen was at it again.
by Dr Fred January 4, 2020
One who builds their bedroom brand by openly discussing their bedroom romps to all those who will listen either directly or via texts or social media
Hooked up last night and she was such a Tellin Ellen that now the whole world knows about our hook up
by Dr Fred January 5, 2020
A play on words . While a bastard is a child born out of wedlock , a Bas-Turd is an unwanted or poorly timed bowel movement.This Bas-Turd lie its namesake is often not well received
I thought i had gas but it was a damn Bas-Turd.

No gas station and this Bad-Turd comes knocking.
by Dr Fred October 8, 2017
Inspired after a romantic romp on one of those enchanted Southern California beaches.A Sandy Diego is residual sand present in the most private of locations after an intimate beach romp that can lead to scratching, chafing, as well as an overall bad experience if approval for Round Two is given.
Romance on the beach is great as long as a Sandy Diego does not appear to ruin the fun
by Dr Fred May 6, 2018