A female - usually the oldest, the least attractive, and the biggest prude - who takes charge and hovers over a group of female friends while out drinking.

Exceptionally good at the cockblock. Usually rounds up the other girls to go home just as you're about to hook up with one.

Commonly found leading groups of sorority girls.

Jill was all over me at the bar last night, but then Mother Goose Janet laid down the cockblock and took her home just as it got good.
by Nick North January 12, 2008
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a mother of goose who takes care of children
my mom is a mother goose
by rayxn July 20, 2021
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A dirty bitch that lies to children and implants seeds of communist ideals in their heads. Also known as Dr. Seuss or Bobbie Flay.
Mother goose is such a crackwhore like rob.
by Shitty McFondler May 23, 2006
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to rape, specifically in the ass, i.e., the mother of all goosing.
Don't walk out on the college green at night, someone will mother goose you.
by Frank Roosevelt November 8, 2007
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When you sit on someones cold feet to make then warm- similar to a goose with her eggs.
Taylor come mother goose my feet, they're cold.
by Babsock November 2, 2019
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To pull off a mother goose you’ll need two people. One on there knees and one standing naked with there sphincter hovering over the first partners open mouth. The person standing inserts a hard boiled egg, with or without the shell depending on your threshold for pain, into there anus completely. The person on there knees spits on the asshole when he/she is ready then the standing partner slowly poops the dirty egg into the lovers mouth.
WILLY-hey how did it go with that girl last night
ME-it went really good, I took her home we got in bed and she asked me to tell her a nursery ryhme. So I gave her the mother goose
WILLY- Oh you mean you told her like an old childrens fairy tale or something?
ME- No I shouved a hard boiled egg up my ass and pooped it on her face
by Tenacial August 22, 2007
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When you take a ice cold alcoholic beverage from the fridge, and it is to cold to drink, so you have to sit on the alcoholic beverage (Between the gouch) until it has reach the proper temperature to be consumed.
Erik was mother goosing his beer while he drank his other beer.
by Tony Gwags December 6, 2010
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