Yo she got a nosey, its the size of my thumb!
by dru bong May 19, 2007
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You've got a fucking nosey, you've got a fucking nosey!
by Jax August 1, 2003
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A Continuum player who owns spider, base, and pretty much life in general.
by Jerome May 28, 2004
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To wiggle your nose on a womens clitoris while eating her out.
Jimbo: Dude, so how far did you get?!
Tom boy: I did the nosey on that bitch.

Carol: So what did he do?
Sue: He totally nosied me.
by lakjfgldaf; March 8, 2008
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Nosey's or noseies is a way of determining who will do something in a group of people. Everyone must either secretly or openly put there finger on their nose and whoever is last loses. Sometimes, people shout nosey's and touch their nose or other times you do it inconspicuously.
Sally: Someone has to through away the trash.
Liz: Not me!
Sally: Nosey's!!!
(Chloe gazing off into space)
Sally: Chloe loses!
Chloe: Damnit.
by Lizzzzzz June 5, 2007
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