A Tucker Telephone is a torture device invented in Tucker State Prison in Arkansas, using the magneto from an old hand-crank telephone. The ground wire was attached to the big toe, the hot wire to the genitals, and crank away. A "long distance call" was an extended series of shocks. The scene depicted in the movie "Brubaker" was a good portrayal of the real practice. "Brubaker" was a realistic portrayal of life in Cummins and Tucker Prison Farms in Arkansas until the prison reforms of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. A variation of the Tucker Telephone was used an an interrogation tool in Viet Nam and Abu Graib using stripped-down field telephones. It is still commonly used all over the world.
"Hey, Merle! Prisoner 1531142 jest threw poop on a guard. Let's let him Phone Home on the Tucker Telephone!"
by davidebert March 23, 2008
one who talks mad shit while hiding behind the safety of a telephone connection, but when confronted in person, backs down like a little bitch.
Man, that douchebag Brian is such a telephone toughguy, he wouldnt dare say that shit to my face.
by Luke O November 10, 2006
Yelling out one's back porch or window to a friend or loved one who is not necessarily a neighbor. The recipient of the message usually responds yelling back from a distance.
Donny: Walks onto back porch "Hey Maria, come you over here!"
Maria: Opens window from apartment three blocks away "No Donny, you come over here!"
Bothered Neighbor: "I can hear your damn Italian Telephone from my basement!"
by Telaride January 4, 2013
an ancient device used by the Natives as a sundial to keep track of time.
Jack:I used the cellular telephone to determine the time. It was 10:30 P.M

Jill: Its 4:30 P.M u moron

Nigahiga: he was off by about 6 hours.
by lunchboxes4life May 25, 2011
A booty call with a person is over the age of 65.
12pm and my dusty telephone rings.
by Innabus June 24, 2010
yelling out the window or on the porch to your "boy" or "woman".
Serafino: (walks onto back porch) "Ey Maria! Come ova here and clean the blood stains outta the trunk of my Lexus!"
Maria: (from a distance): "Watchu want me to do it for, eh? Clean it out ya self!
Serafino: (seconds later): "Ey fuck you, yaz dumb bitch! Now come ova here and do it...and make me a veal parmigiana!"
Neighbor: "Damn those guidos and their guido telephone!"
by thefauxmccoy November 25, 2009
A greeting, an expression and a feeling
Or just a way to express emotions
(Jayden)Hey teejay how are you
(Teejay)Telephone BOXX
(Jayden) ahh ok
by Thiccnigger769 March 28, 2020