When your vibing with a chick and she ghost you or turns cold.
I was flirting with this person and I realized there was a disconnect and we weren’t going anywhere.
by Sneezynam3 March 4, 2021
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The quality or condition of being disconnected from technology.
Though he loved his computer, he no longer feared disconnectivity.
by Pat Pinola August 2, 2009
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To be removed from a server's gaming session. Opposite of fun gaming experience. Happens more often after purchasing a game way after it's release date to save money.
<Clan member_A (hand grenade) clan member_B>
<Clan member_C (pistol) clan member_A>
<player 1 has joined the game>

player 1: "hi"

<player 1 was disconnected from the game>
by Josh Ruth September 12, 2006
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What is the disconnect that allows the
Exec to manufacture military weapons
but still have the face of Mister Rogers?
by otto pijotosov September 14, 2006
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The ultimate lure of electronic toys, is to simply not care about them anymore! I got this new word from the Monday, Jan 25, 2010 "Cathy" newspaper comic strip, where her husband says "Financial tools...organizational tools...networking tools...writing tools...scheduling tools.." and "With my new phone, the clutter of our lives is finally getting under control!" and Cathy says,"You've had your new phone for a week. How is the clutter more under control?", and he says" I don't care about it anymore." and Cathy thinks in a thought baloon, "Ah...the ultimate lure: disconnectivity."
He was so electronically and technically advanced, that he tired of it all, and embraced disconnectivity.
by Techrex January 26, 2010
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